Sunday, January 16, 2005

Red and blue

AP reports that Berns Rothschild came up with the idea for COUNT ME BLUE bracelets modeled on the wildly popular yellow LIVESTRONG bands after spending 10 days in London and wishing she had a way to show people that while she may have been an American, she did not vote for President Bush. Her father, a Republican, countered witih COUNT ME RED bracelets. Together, they are donating a portion of their proceeds to UNICEF.

The value of these bracelets is probably purely expressive. Wearing these bracelets is a way for people show who they supported in the past election, though whether people will pay any attention is another question entirely. Since most people have limited attention spans, they are not likely to pay much attention to gimmicks like these until the next election cycle, especially when the 2004 election ended anticlimatically with a clear margin of victory for President Bush. Although there have been conspiracy theories about what really happened in Ohio and congressional Democrats forced debate before results were made official, for the most part there have not been the hard feelings like those that persisted after Florida in 2000, when the election dragged on for an extra 36 days.

After the Inauguration ends this week, it will be mostly back to business and there will be few reminders other than these bracelets that we ever had the election in the first place. Although the election exposed deep faults in American politics, some of these divides were superficial at best, creations of the campaigns and the national media. While red Utah and blue Massachusetts may have been on opposite ends of the spectrum, their residents share much in common, most of all in that they are all Americans and want what is best for their country, even if their visions are somewhat different. Whatever the divisions were during the election campaign, the passage of time has for the most part healed these wounds as the campaigns closed up shop, the media moved on to other news, and voters returned to living their daily lives. After such a long campaign season, probably the last thing most Americans want is to go through it all again so soon. But by 2008, we will be at it again, ready or not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great, another bleeding heart liberal. Just what this country needs.

1/17/2005 12:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people are losers. I wish I could tell them to their faces that they are. The media is also a joke for covering this. How is this news?

1/19/2005 06:48:00 PM  

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