Thursday, April 21, 2005

The end of history

The popularity of The DaVinci Code and The Rule of Four suggest a fascination with medieval mysteries riven with religious implications. There is a prophecy concerning the popes that is just as fantastic and, if not an elaborate forgery, scary. In the twelfth century, St. Malachy prophesied the next 112 popes, and the new pope happens to be the 111th pope since. After the 112th pope, "Peter the Roman" would be pope during the Apocalypse.

Each pope in the prophecy had a short epigram that allegedly has been fulfilled. For example, the 110th pope -- John Paul II -- had the motto "de labore solis" which suggests solar eclipse. John Paul was both born and buried on days with solar eclipses. The 111th pope has the motto "gloriae olivae" or the "glory of the olive." Because the Benedictine order featured the olive branch as a symbol, the new pope may have fulfilled the prophecy by taking on the name Benedict (or may have consciously chosen the name for that purpose, an intriguing suggestion over at Balkinization). There are several other possible interpretations that also find the "fit" and I encourage you to read the two sites that I link to in this post for more.

According to one interpretation of the prophecy, "Peter the Roman" is Satan walking on Earth. Given Benedict XVI's age and the likelihood that the next pope would also be an older man, Satan could well be walking on Earth now. Any guesses that Republicans think his name is Ted Kennedy?


Blogger Ha ha hit him again said...

I knew we were on the verge of armaggeddon with the election of Papa Ratzi

4/21/2005 01:25:00 AM  
Blogger The Critics said...

This blog is starting to be in serious need of some real news. Posting about conspiracy theories, Satan, and the apocalypse is just sad, indeed.


4/21/2005 09:28:00 AM  

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